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Launching Your Product

Find the people that will give you money & attention.

Best Practices

Actionable tips to use during launch.

Firstly —Be excited!

You’re sharing what you made with the world.

⭐️ The trolls may come, but don’t let them discourage you. Be grateful that they even paid enough attention to ridicule.
⭐️ 99% of people will be kind.

Launch early & often

You want to put your product in the hands of users ASAP

⭐️ The sooner you launch, the faster you get feedback —on whether the product works & whether people will use it and pay for it.
⭐ With increased frequency of shipping products and features, you'll gain more insights on how to properly build and sell.
⭐ Money only exists post-launch. Loss of money & loss of time exists pre-launch.
⭐️ Pre-launch == -$$$ --> Post-launch == +$$$

Launch into a community

e.g Product Hunt, Reddit, or create your own.

⭐️ It means putting your product into the hands of the people that will appreciate it most.
⭐️ Launching into the right community is like putting a round peg into a round hole. It will be properly received and assessed.

Avoid superfluous phrases in your copy

Ex. “This is the greatest product of all time!”

⭐️ In the tone-less world of the internet, it comes across as disingenuous and desperate.
⭐️ Instead, write something like, “This is a great product for X, Y, and Z.”
⭐️ You want to be specific and sound confident.

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Optional practices

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

Be human!

Be personal, warm, and witty in your copy and marketing design.

⭐ Avoid corporate speak.
⭐️ Show off your personality —especially if you're a small team or solo-founder.
⭐️ In this meme-laden world, a joke (or several) will give most people a positive impression of your product.

Advice from successful product people 🗣️

Read helpful tweets from product designers—like Brian Norgard from Tinder & Sahil Lavingia from Gumroad.