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Thinking of Ideas

Ideas so good, you have to sign your own NDA

Best Practices

Tips and advice used by successful founders.

Start with a problem

It's much harder to start with a solution and then find a problem that it can solve

Know the problem clearly

You want to be certain that the problem exists before building anything.

Find the people that have the problem

The people who experience the problem can give you a clue to how to solve it.

⭐️ Find them & ask them about their problem and what they're currently doing to solve it.
⭐ When asking, stick to talking about them. People want their problems solved, they don't want your solution.
⭐ Ideally, you experience the problem yourself. Then you can just talk to yourself, more than you already do anyway.

The problem must be solvable

Because not everyone can build a SpaceX.

⭐️ Narrow down the problem by asking simple question such as “who needs this?”, “why do they need this?”, “which moments in the day/month/year do they need this?”, etc.
⭐ It’s possible that you’ll reach the conclusion that you can’t even solve the problem, and should just move on.

Optional practices

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

People should be actively solving the problem

Other people solving it means that the problem actually exists.

⭐ If no one else is actively trying to solve a problem, it's either not that big of a problem or you're onto a billion dollar idea. Chances are, it's the former.

People should be spending money to solve the problem.

Mo' money, Mo' potential for profit

⭐ A good way to tell if people are spending lots of money on a particular problem is to find out which businesses are the best at solving that problem and what their revenue numbers look like.
⭐ Ex: Selling physical products online is hard = Problem. Who solves this well? Amazon. What's their revenue? Over $250 billion.
⭐ What you want to do is introduce your solution to that problem and take a slice of the money being spent there.

Advice from successful product people 🗣️

Read helpful tweets from product designers—like Paul Graham & Sam Altman from Y Combinator.