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Building Product

The nitty gritty

Best Practices

Tips and advice used by successful founders.

Don't make the user think

Imagine your users were all heart and no brain

⭐️ Any complexity you add to your product will impact retention
⭐ Ask yourself "Can this be simpler?"

Seek feedback as you build

Try not to build in a vacuum

⭐️ If you're solving your own problem, use your product as you build
⭐ Get some volunteers or beta-testers to try out early versions of your product and tell you what they think.

Fulfill your promise

Solve the problem that you said you were going to solve

⭐️ Do that one thing well
⭐ Prioritize function over features

Craft a narrative

The narrative is what people will remember and want to be a part of

⭐️ People buy into the dream you're trying to sell them

Launch as soon as you can

You want to get feedback on whatever you're building

⭐️ Whether it's a beta, or a closed-launch, or whatever you want to call it, you need to get your product into the hands of the people that need it. Get feedback from them and then iterate accordingly.

Optional practices

Not always necessary, but they can have their perks!

Aesthetics matter

Make your product appealing to the eye

⭐ People will perceive your product more positively when it looks good.
⭐️ Many times when comparing products to use, consumers judge the prettier product as the better product.
⭐ A product's aesthetic goes beyond color choice (ie spacing, grouping, animations, typography, etc.)

Make it fun!

What's the personality of your product?

⭐ This advice is moreso for consumer products but can be applied generally.
⭐️ People describe products with adjectives that are used to describe people's personalities, Ex: "Susan sucks", "Tom's a fun dude", "This app kinda sucks", "This app is really fun".
⭐ When building social products, your customers must describe your app as being fun, otherwise your product won’t work. It's a basic feeling you must achieve. So when in doubt, make it fun.

Advice from successful product people 🗣️

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